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Posted by smith mathew on
I think you should opt for [DELETED]* which is available from [http://www.we-are-lame-that-we-post-stupid-advertising-monologs-from-the-same-ip.com/]. It is a multi-functional web conferencing for both PC & Mac. Its [BLAH]* technology ensures that everyone can join the meeting with no download whatsoever, supporting attendees on Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, or iPhone. A class product and you can also use it for remote PC access. Even [EL HEFE]*, President and CEO, [WANK INDUSTRIES]* quoted it as Sleek and Simple. When I first used it I got a free trial. But not after using it for a year now I am confident to recommend it to you. Try it, it won’t disappoint you!

*[BLATANT SNEAKY ADVERTISEMENT MODIFIED BY MODERATOR: both posts are from the same IP, GoMeetNow must be a sneaky lame company based on the behavior documented here-- caveat emptor]