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OpenACS Home : Forums : OpenACS Q&A : Porting Ybos Content Management?

Forum OpenACS Q&A: Porting Ybos Content Management?

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Posted by Titi Ala'ilima on
  1. Is there much interest in getting the Ybos content management module ported to OpenACS?
  2. How much of that interest could translate into help making the port happen?
Posted by Mike Clark on
I do have an interest. We will be using OpenACS on a site for a weekly business publication, and, based on intitial impression, it appears that the Ybos Content Management module looked like it might be very useful for what we want to accomplish.
Posted by Roberto Mello on
Can you please point us to a doc page about the content management module ?
Posted by Gregory McMullan on

I might be interested, but not for the next few weeks, as I work on moving. I will look into it to see where in my queue of interesting ACS items it will fall, though. I am still not quite clear on what exactly the module does, unfortunately.

Roberto asked for pointers to information on it. The best I have found so far is http://www.ybos.net/modules/cm.tcl

Posted by Peter Vessenes on

We discovered a few weeks ago that our documentation was not included with the tar file. (Sorry!) You can get it in the most recent cm download, or just check out http://www.ybos.net/doc/cm.

Posted by Janine Ohmer on
Did anyone do this port?  If not, I think that we (furfly) will end up doing it in the next few weeks.
Posted by Peter Vessenes on
Hi Janine!

Why don't you drop us a line. We just ported the cm over to ACS 3.4, (mostly the database API), and cleaned up the code a bit. We haven't rolled it out yet, but we'll happily send it over to you.

Posted by Don Baccus on
We've not implemented the new database API yet, having chosen to sit on our rears through the 3.4 release and wait for 4.0.  Which given the large number of bugs in 3.4.0 doesn't seem like a bad decision in retrospect (let's pat ourselves on the back!).

So Janine will need to port an older version over.  It will need to be ported again for 4.0 - after Ybos rewrites it as a proper 4.0 module, of course.