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Install ProjectOpen on Aolserver 4


This Document, when finished  is intended to describe the steps it takes to install AOL server 4.0.10 with nspostgres, TDOM, nnsha, ncache,  .  along with Project Open.  Please check back habitually for the finished product.







Packages Needed:


- AOL Server 4.0.10 ;

- Project Open ;

- nscache

- nspostgres

- nssha1


-t cl8.4.12/

1.) Downloading AOL Server and Additional Modules

cd /usr/local/

download the aolserver-4.0.10-src.tar.gz package from Sourceforge.

projop@gir:/usr/local$ wget

extract the tar package

projop@gir:/usr/local$ tar xvzf aolserver-4.0.10-src.tar.gz  

change directories into the new aolserver-4.0.10-src.tar.gz

projop@gir:/usr/local$ cd aolserver-4.0.10

now create a directory from which to compile your additional modules

projop@gir:/usr/local/aolserver$ mkdir source

and change directory again into it

projop@gir:/usr/local/aolserver$ cd source

now we can download the additional modules needed for aolserver

they can be obtained at or alternatively from their respected websites

once you have downloaded all the additional modules, you can proceed the next step, Compiling Modules.


2. Compiling Modules


first extract the tar package

projop@gir:/usr/local/aolserver/source$ tar -xzvf tDOM-0.8.0.tar.gz 

now change directories

projop@gir:/usr/local/aolserver/source$ cd tDOM-0.8.0



first extract the tar package

projop@gir:/usr/local/aolserver/source$ tar -xvf nssha1.tar 

now change directories

projop@gir:/usr/local/aolserver/source$ cd nssha1


first untar the nschache.tar file

projop@gir:/usr/local/aolserver/source$ tar xvf  nscache.tar

change directory

projop@gir:/usr/local/aolserver/source$ cd nscache




 -Confrim Package list

- Add initial directory structure

*-Add compile steps for each module along with additional parameters needed

-Add compile steps for AOL server

-Add Project Open installation procedures via INSTALL.TXT

-Add CVS update for current version of Project Open

-Add Initial hints for Project Open setup



Thanks to Jim and Holycow for their time and patience on the intitial installation.



[en:Gustaf] Why asking a user to go to all these steps. a bunch of "wget's" and "tar xvfs" and then a script like the following should ease the process significantly. I am using this for naviserver and aolserver. We should have a recommended and well decoumented directroy structure then most of the steps could be automated....

----->snip here<----------------





cd nscrypto

make INST=$NS clean

make INST=$NS install

cd ..

cd nscache-1.5

make INST=$NS clean

make INST=$NS install

cd ..

cd nspostgres

make INST=$NS clean

make INST=$NS POSTGRES=/usr/local/pg745 ACS=1 install

cd ..

cd nssha1-0.1

make INST=$NS clean

make INST=$NS install

cd ..

cd thread2.6.1/unix

../configure --enable-threads \

      --prefix=$NS \

      --exec-prefix=$NS \

      --with-aolserver=$NS \



make install

cd ../..

cd xotcl-1.3.9

./configure --enable-threads --enable-symbols \

       --prefix=$NS \

       --exec-prefix=$NS \



make install-aol

cd ..

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