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Upgrading to 5.3

The steps to upgrade to 5.3.1 are as follows. I just keep this xowiki page for the record, so I remember what has been done and make this maybe a good guide for the future.

Staging server upgrade 

  1. Create a staging server for the service0 "openacs" and dump the latest code and database onto it.

    scp*full* /web/openacs/
    tar xfz *.tar.gz
    cd database-backup

    # Change the dump from SQL_ASCII to UTF-8. Still does not work correctly, but it did the trick for now.
    /usr/bin/iconv -c -f iso8859-1 -t UTF-8 -o cleanfile.dmp
    psql -h ww.xx.yy.zz -U openacs -f cleanfile.dmp openacs

  2. Check the existing code for differences

    cd /web/openacs/packages
    cvs diff >diff.log

  3. If there are any, make sure to copy them to a save place
  4. Checkout and update the code

    cvs -d co -r oacs-5-3 openacs-4/packages
    sudo su - openacs
    cd openacs-4/packages

    # Copy over all files. This includes the CVS files which is wanted !
     cp -pr * /web/openacs/packages/
  5. Apply the changes made and not commited in step 3. to the code.

This has given you an installation of running on the latest packages. Now we go for the other parts that need to be done

Adopt to new theme-zen

We need to make sure that the new site master template is working with the changes introduced by ZEN. Taking into account that the website is running on legacy code, this might be more of a challenge than initially anticipated.

Write ETP => XoWIKI converter

If we want to drop ETP in favour of XoWIKI, we either need a converter or do this manually by hand. On I did this manually for about 60 pages and it turned out not too be too much time, so doing it hand by hand might actually be faster. But still, someone needs to do it :).

Install PM

As some of us want to use Project Manager to organize other efforts in the community a little bit better (and be it just to have the laundry list in bits and pieces, so people can go there and deal with it), I will install PM on so people willing to collaborate this way can do so. Probably with an integration into XoWIKI as well, so we have a wiki per project (or at least a wiki page per project). 

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