Why use OpenACS?

OpenACS is unique in the breadth of services it offers developers and administrators. Millions of dollars and decades of developer time have gone into the maturation of OpenACS.

You can read the technical reasons to use OpenACS.

How do I install OpenACS?

The installation documentation contains all the necessary steps to install OpenACS on a large variety of systems. There is also a Windows Installer (detailed information) and a Debian Package. Additionally you can use our FreeBSD Port or follow the short instruction for Darwinport. Last but not least you can try out OpenACS using one of our Knoppix CDs that have been built for .LRN.

A full list of ports for OpenACS can be found on our OpenACS Installers section. Also Check the installation requirements before installing. The current stable release is OpenACS 5.2.3 (cvs aliases).

How do I work with OpenACS?

You can start by reading the documentation, specifically tips on customizing, the developer's tutorial, and
the FAQs. There is a OpenACS Wiki and a list of packages that extend OpenACS.

For professional help, contact one of the OpenACS companies.

OpenACS Community

One of the strengths of the OpenACS project is the community surrounding it: