acs_sc::contract::delete       Delete a service contract definition. 
acs_sc::contract::get_operations       Get a list of names of operations for the contract. 
acs_sc::contract::new       Procedure to call to define a new service contract and the message types, implementations and bindings. 
acs_sc::contract::new_from_spec       Takes a complete service contract specification and creates the new service contract. 
acs_sc::contract::operation::delete       Delete the operation. 
acs_sc::contract::operation::new       Call the service contract function to create the operation in the database. 
acs_sc::impl::alias::new       Add new service contract implementation alias (the procedure that implements the operation in a contract). 
acs_sc::impl::binding::new       Bind implementation to the contract. 
acs_sc::impl::delete       Delete a service contract implementation 
acs_sc::impl::get       Get information about a service contract implementation. 
acs_sc::impl::get_id       Retrieves the ID for a service contract. 
acs_sc::impl::get_options       Get a list of service contract implementation options for an HTML multiple choice widget. 
acs_sc::impl::new       Add new service contract implementation. 
acs_sc::impl::new_from_spec       Add new service contract implementation from an array-list style implementation, and binds it to the specified contract. 
acs_sc::invoke       A replacement of the former acs_sc_call procedure. 
acs_sc::msg_type::element::new       Insert a new msg_type element 
acs_sc_binding_exists_p       Returns a boolean depending on whether or not the binding between the contract and implementation exists. 
acs_sc_update_alias_wrappers       Loop over actual bindings, finding every impl alias for each contract operation and call "acs_sc_proc" for all of these. 

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