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<?xml version="1.0"?>


<fullquery name="ad_set_client_property.prop_update_dml">
        update sec_session_properties
        set property_value = :value,
          secure_p = :secure,
          last_hit = :last_hit
        where session_id = :session_id and
          module = :module and
          property_name = :name

<fullquery name="sec_populate_secret_tokens_db.insert_random_token">

	    insert into secret_tokens(token_id, token, token_timestamp)
	    values(nextval('t_sec_security_token_id_seq'), :random_token, now())


<fullquery name="sec_populate_secret_tokens_cache.get_secret_tokens">

    select token_id, token
    from secret_tokens,
         (select cast(random() * count(*) - :num_tokens as integer) as first
            from secret_tokens) r
    where token_id >= r.first and r.first + :num_tokens > token_id