acs_mail_lite::autoreply_p       Parse the subject, from and body to determine if the email is an auto reply Typical autoreplies are "Out of office" messages. 
acs_mail_lite::bouncing_email_p       Checks if email address is bouncing mail 
acs_mail_lite::email_type       <p> Scans email's subject, from and headers for actionable type. 
acs_mail_lite::get_parameter       Returns an apm-parameter value of this package Deprecated: just a wrapper for parameter::get 
acs_mail_lite::imap_conn_close       Closes nsimap session with conn_id. 
acs_mail_lite::imap_mailbox_join       Creates an ns_imap usable mailbox consisting of curly brace quoted {} 
acs_mail_lite::imap_mailbox_split       Returns a list: ssl_p, where and are defined in ns_map documentation. 
acs_mail_lite::inbound_prioritize       Returns a prioritization integer for assigning priority to an inbound email. 
acs_mail_lite::load_mails       Scans for incoming email. 
acs_mail_lite::parse_bounce_address       This takes a reply address, checks it for consistency, and returns a list of user_id, package_id and bounce_signature found 
acs_mail_lite::record_bounce       Records that an email bounce for this user 
acs_mail_lite::scan_replies       Scheduled procedure that will scan for bounced mails 
acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters       Returns a name value list of parameters used by ACS Mail Lite scheduled procs. 
acs_mail_lite::send       Prepare an email to be sent. 
acs_mail_lite::utils::build_body       Encode the body using quoted-printable and build the alternative part if necessary Return a list of message tokens 
ns_sendmail       Replacement for ns_sendmail for backward compatibility. 

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