acs_mail_lite::autoreply_p       Parse the subject, from and body to determin if the email is an auto reply Typical autoreplies are "Out of office" messages. 
acs_mail_lite::bounce_address       Composes a bounce address 
acs_mail_lite::bouncing_email_p       Checks if email address is bouncing mail 
acs_mail_lite::bouncing_user_p       Checks if email address of user is bouncing mail 
acs_mail_lite::generate_message_id       Generate an id suitable as a Message-Id: header for an email. 
acs_mail_lite::get_parameter       Returns an apm-parameter value of this package 
acs_mail_lite::parse_bounce_address       This takes a reply address, checks it for consistency, and returns a list of user_id, package_id and bounce_signature found 
acs_mail_lite::parse_email       An email is splitted into several parts: headers, bodies and files lists and all headers directly. 
acs_mail_lite::parse_email_address       Extracts the email address out of a mail address (like Joe User <>) 
acs_mail_lite::record_bounce       Records that an email bounce for this user 
acs_mail_lite::scan_replies       Scheduled procedure that will scan for bounced mails 
acs_mail_lite::send       Prepare an email to be send with the option to pass in a list of file_ids as well as specify an html_body and a mime_type. 
acs_mail_lite::utils::build_body       Encode the body using quoted-printable and build the alternative part if necessary Return a list of message tokens 
acs_mail_lite::utils::build_date       Depending on the available mime package version, it uses either the mime::parsedatetime to do it or local code (parsedatetime is buggy in mime < 1.5.2 ) 
acs_mail_lite::utils::build_subject       Encode the subject, using quoted-printable, of an email message and trim long lines. 
acs_mail_lite::utils::valid_email_p       Checks if the email is valid. 
acs_mail_lite::valid_signature       Validates if provided signature matches message_id 
callback::acs_mail_lite::incoming_email::contract       Callback that is executed for incoming e-mails if the email is *NOT* like $object_id@servername 
callback::acs_mail_lite::incoming_email::impl::acs-mail-lite       Implementation of the interface acs_mail_lite::incoming_email for acs-mail-lite. 
callback::acs_mail_lite::incoming_object_email::contract       Callback that is executed for incoming e-mails if the email is like $object_id@servername 
callback::acs_mail_lite::send::contract       Callback for executing code after an email has been send using the send mechanism. 
ns_sendmail       Replacement for ns_sendmail for backward compatibility.