system.add       Simple test function. 
system.listMethods       Enumerate the methods implemented by the XML-RPC server. 
system.methodHelp       This method takes one parameter, the name of a method implemented by the XML-RPC server. 
system.multicall       <p> Perform multiple requests in one call - see$1208 </p> <p> Takes an array of XML-RPC calls encoded as structs of the form (in a Pythonish notation here): <pre> {'methodName': string, 'params': array} </pre> </p> 
xmlrpc::construct       <p> Construct an XML-RPC element. 
xmlrpc::create_context       Return the value wrapped in appropriate context tags. 
xmlrpc::decode_value       Unpack the data in a value element. 
xmlrpc::fault       Format a fault response to a XML-RPC request 
xmlrpc::get_content       There's no [ns_conn content] so this is a hack to get the content of the XML-RPC request. 
xmlrpc::httppost       The proc util_httppost doesn't work for our needs. 
xmlrpc::invoke       Take the XML-RPC request and invoke the method on the server. 
xmlrpc::invoke_method       Call the given method on the OpenACS server. 
xmlrpc::parse_response       Parse the response from a XML-RPC call. 
xmlrpc::register_proc       <p> Register a proc to be available via XML-RPC. 
xmlrpc::remote_call       Invoke a method on a remote server using XML-RPC 
xmlrpc::respond       Format a success response to an XML-RPC request