ad_get_client_property (public)

 ad_get_client_property [ -cache cache ] [ -cache_only cache_only ] \
    [ -default default ] [ -session_id session_id ] module name

Defined in packages/acs-tcl/tcl/security-procs.tcl

Looks up a property for a session. If -cache is true, will use the cached value if available. If -cache_only is true, will never incur a database hit (i.e., will only return a value if cached). If the property is secure, we must be on a validated session over HTTPS.

-cache (defaults to "t") (optional)
-cache_only (defaults to "f") (optional)
-default (optional)
-session_id (optional)
controls which session is used
module - typically the name of the package to which the property belongs (serves as a namespace)
name - name of the property
value of the property or default

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Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_client_properties client_properties (test acs-tcl) ad_get_client_property ad_get_client_property test_client_properties->ad_get_client_property Class ::xowiki::Mode Class ::xowiki::Mode (public) Class ::xowiki::Mode->ad_get_client_property ad_cache_returnredirect ad_cache_returnredirect (public) ad_cache_returnredirect->ad_get_client_property ad_page_contract ad_page_contract (public) ad_page_contract->ad_get_client_property apidoc::set_public apidoc::set_public (private) apidoc::set_public->ad_get_client_property apm_get_package_repository apm_get_package_repository (public) apm_get_package_repository->ad_get_client_property

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