calendar::have_private_p (public)

 calendar::have_private_p [ -return_id return_id ] \
    [ -calendar_id_list calendar_id_list ] [ -party_id party_id ]

Defined in packages/calendar/tcl/calendar-procs.tcl

Check to see if the user has a private calendar. When the provided -return_id is 1, then proc will return the calendar_id

-return_id (defaults to "0") (optional)
-calendar_id_list (optional)
If you supply the calendar_id_list, then we'll only search for a personal calendar among the calendars supplied here.
-party_id (defaults to "party_id") (optional)

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 calendar_have_private_p calendar_have_private_p (public, deprecated) calendar::have_private_p calendar::have_private_p calendar_have_private_p->calendar::have_private_p packages/calendar/www/cal-item-new.tcl packages/calendar/ www/cal-item-new.tcl packages/calendar/www/cal-item-new.tcl->calendar::have_private_p packages/calendar/www/index.tcl packages/calendar/ www/index.tcl packages/calendar/www/index.tcl->calendar::have_private_p db_string db_string (public) calendar::have_private_p->db_string

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