content::item::new (public)

 content::item::new -name name [ -parent_id parent_id ] \
    [ -item_id item_id ] [ -locale locale ] \
    [ -creation_date creation_date ] [ -creation_user creation_user ] \
    [ -context_id context_id ] [ -package_id package_id ] \
    [ -creation_ip creation_ip ] [ -item_subtype item_subtype ] \
    [ -content_type content_type ] [ -title title ] \
    [ -description description ] [ -mime_type mime_type ] \
    [ -nls_language nls_language ] [ -text text ] [ -data data ] \
    [ -relation_tag relation_tag ] [ -is_live is_live ] \
    [ -storage_type storage_type ] [ -attributes attributes ] \
    [ -tmp_filename tmp_filename ]

Defined in packages/acs-content-repository/tcl/content-item-procs.tcl

Create a new content item This proc creates versioned content items where content_type iscontent_revision or subtypes of content revision. There are procedures for each other base content item. This procedure uses package_instantiate object. Under PostgreSQL the object_type new function must be registered with define_function_args.

name of the item, must be unique for the folder
parent object of this content_item
item_id of this content_item. If this is not specified an item_id will be generated automatically
defaults to current date and time
Context of the item. usually used in conjunction with permissions.
Package ID of the object
(defaults to "content_item") (optional)
(defaults to "content_revision") (optional)
content_revision or subtype of content_revision
- title of content_revision to be created
of content_revision to be created
- ???
- text of content revision to be created
- ???
(defaults to "f") (optional)
(defaults to "file") (optional)
file, lob, or text (postgresql only)
A list of lists of pairs of additional attributes and their values to pass to the constructor. Each pair is a list of two elements: key => value such as [list [list attribute value] [list attribute value]]
file containing content to be added to new revision. Caller is responsible to handle cleaning up the temporary file
item_id of the new content item
Dave Bauer <>
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content_image, content_item, content_revision, cr_item_search_triggers, data_links_update_links, data_links_update_links_with_tag, data_links_with_tag
Source code:
    if {$creation_user eq ""} {
        set creation_user [ad_conn user_id]
    if {$creation_ip eq ""} {
        set creation_ip [ad_conn peeraddr]
    if {$package_id eq ""} {
        set package_id [ad_conn package_id]

    set mime_type [cr_check_mime_type  -filename  $name  -mime_type $mime_type  -file      $tmp_filename]

    set var_list [list]
    lappend var_list  [list name $name]  [list parent_id $parent_id ]  [list item_id $item_id ]  [list locale $locale ]  [list creation_date $creation_date ]  [list creation_user $creation_user ]  [list context_id $context_id ]  [list package_id $package_id ]  [list creation_ip $creation_ip ]  [list item_subtype $item_subtype ]  [list content_type $content_type ]  [list mime_type $mime_type ]  [list nls_language $nls_language ]  [list relation_tag $relation_tag ]  [list is_live $is_live ]  [list storage_type $storage_type]

    # we don't pass title, text, or data to content_item__new because
    # the magic revision creation of the pl/sql proc does not create a
    # proper subtype of content revision, also it can't set attributes
    # of an extended type

    # the content type is not the object type of the cr_item so we
    # pass in the cr_item subtype here and content_type as part of
    # var_list
    db_transaction {
        # An explicit lock was necessary for PostgreSQL between 8.0 and
        # 8.2; left the following statement here for documentary
        # purposes
        # db_dml lock_objects "LOCK TABLE acs_objects IN SHARE ROW EXCLUSIVE MODE"

        set item_id [package_exec_plsql  -var_list $var_list  content_item new]
        # if we have attributes we pass in everything and create a
        # revision with all subtype attributes that were passed in

        # since we can't rely on content_item__new to create a
        # revision we have to pass is_live to content::revision::new
        # and set the live revision there
        if {$title ne ""
            || $text ne ""
            || $data ne ""
            || $tmp_filename ne ""
            || [llength $attributes]
        } {
            content::revision::new  -item_id $item_id  -title $title  -description $description  -content $text  -mime_type $mime_type  -content_type $content_type  -is_live $is_live  -package_id $package_id  -creation_user $creation_user  -creation_ip $creation_ip  -creation_date $creation_date  -nls_language $nls_language  -tmp_filename $tmp_filename  -attributes $attributes
    return $item_id
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