parameter::get (public)

 parameter::get [ -localize ] [ -boolean ] [ -package_id package_id ] \
    -parameter parameter [ -default default ]

Defined in packages/acs-tcl/tcl/parameter-procs.tcl

Get the value of a package instance parameter.

(boolean) (optional)
should we attempt to localize the parameter
(boolean) (optional)
ensure boolean parameters are normalized to 0 or 1
what package to get the parameter from. Defaults to [ad_conn package_id]
which parameter's value to get
what to return if we don't find a value. Defaults to returning the empty string.
The string trimmed (leading and trailing spaces removed) parameter value
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Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_acs_subsite_test_email_confirmation acs_subsite_test_email_confirmation (test acs-subsite) parameter::get parameter::get test_acs_subsite_test_email_confirmation->parameter::get test_auth_password_change auth_password_change (test acs-authentication) test_auth_password_change->parameter::get test_cookie_consent__setup cookie_consent__setup (test cookie-consent) test_cookie_consent__setup->parameter::get test_locale__test_system_package_setting locale__test_system_package_setting (test acs-lang) test_locale__test_system_package_setting->parameter::get test_logout_from_everywhere logout_from_everywhere (test acs-tcl) test_logout_from_everywhere->parameter::get ad_parameter_cache ad_parameter_cache (public) parameter::get->ad_parameter_cache ad_parameter_from_file ad_parameter_from_file (public) parameter::get->ad_parameter_from_file ad_requested_object_id ad_requested_object_id (private) parameter::get->ad_requested_object_id apm_package_key_from_id apm_package_key_from_id (public) parameter::get->apm_package_key_from_id lang::util::localize lang::util::localize (public) parameter::get->lang::util::localize aa_test::xml_report_dir aa_test::xml_report_dir (public) aa_test::xml_report_dir->parameter::get acs::test::url acs::test::url (public) acs::test::url->parameter::get acs_admin::check_expired_certificates acs_admin::check_expired_certificates (private) acs_admin::check_expired_certificates->parameter::get acs_community_member_admin_url acs_community_member_admin_url (public) acs_community_member_admin_url->parameter::get acs_community_member_page acs_community_member_page (public) acs_community_member_page->parameter::get

auth_password_change, locale__test_system_package_setting, acs_subsite_test_email_confirmation, password_recovery_page, parameter_register_test, parameter__check_procs, logout_from_everywhere, cookie_consent__setup
Source code:

    if {$package_id eq ""} {
        set package_id [ad_requested_object_id]
    set value ""

    # 1. check whether there is a parameter by this name specified for
    # the package in the parameter file.  The name
    # ad_parameter_from_file is a misnomer, since it checks
    # ns_config values
    if {$package_id ne ""} {
        set package_key [apm_package_key_from_id $package_id]
        set value [ad_parameter_from_file $parameter $package_key]

    # 2. check the parameter cache
    if {$value eq ""} {
        set value [ad_parameter_cache $package_id $parameter]

    # 3. use the default value
    if {$value eq ""} {
        set value $default

    if { $localize_p } {
        # Replace message keys in hash marks with localized texts
        set value [lang::util::localize $value]
    # Normalize boolean results if required, since "true" and "false"
    # can be written in many different ways.
    if { $boolean_p } {
        set value [string is true -strict $value]

    return $value
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