party::types_valid_for_rel_type_multirow (public)

 party::types_valid_for_rel_type_multirow \
    [ -datasource_name datasource_name ] [ -start_with start_with ] \
    [ -rel_type rel_type ]

Defined in packages/acs-subsite/tcl/party-procs.tcl

creates multirow datasource containing party types starting with the $start_with party type. The datasource has columns that are identical to the relation_types_allowed_to_group_multirow, which is why the columns are broadly named "object_*" instead of "party_*". A common template can be used for generating select widgets etc. for both this datasource and the relation_types_allowed_to_groups_multirow datasource. All subtypes of $start_with are returned, but the "valid_p" column in the datasource indicates whether the type is a valid one for $group_id. Includes fields that are useful for presentation in a hierarchical select widget:

  • object_type
  • object_type_enc - encoded object type
  • indent - an html indentation string
  • pretty_name - pretty name of object type
  • valid_p - 1 or 0 depending on whether the type is valid

-datasource_name (defaults to "object_types") (optional)
-start_with (defaults to "party") (optional)
-rel_type (defaults to "membership_rel") (optional)
- if unspecified, then membership_rel is used
Oumi Mehrotra <>
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