rp_form_put (public)

 rp_form_put name value

Defined in packages/acs-tcl/tcl/request-processor-procs.tcl

This proc adds a query variable to AOLserver's internal ns_getform form, so that it'll be picked up by ad_page_contract and other procs that look at the query variables or form supplied. This is useful when you do an rp_internal_redirect to a new page, and you want to feed that page with certain query variables. Note that the variable will just be appended to the form ns_set which may not be what you want, if it exists already you will now have two entries in the ns_set which may cause ad_page_contract to break. Also, only simple variables may be added, not arrays.

the form ns_set, in case you're interested. Mostly you will want to discard the result.
Lars Pind <lars@pinds.com>
August 20, 2002
Source code:
    set form [rp_getform]
    ns_set put $form $name $value
    return $form
XQL Not present:
PostgreSQL, Oracle
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