template::element::get_values (public)

 template::element::get_values form_id element_id

Defined in packages/acs-templating/tcl/element-procs.tcl

Retrieves the list current values for an element. Typically used following a valid form submission where multiple values may have been submitted for a single element (i.e. for a checkbox group or multiple select box).

form_id - The identifier of the form containing the element.
element_id - The unique identifier of the element.
A list of current values for the element.
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Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 template::request::get_param template::request::get_param (public) template::element::get_values template::element::get_values template::request::get_param->template::element::get_values template::element::get_reference template::element::get_reference (private) template::element::get_values->template::element::get_reference

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