template::get_footer_html (public)


Defined in packages/acs-templating/tcl/head-procs.tcl

Get footers as a chunk of html suitable for insertion into blank-master.adp Called only from blank-master.tcl

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/installer/www/blank-master.tcl packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/ installer/www/blank-master.tcl template::get_footer_html template::get_footer_html packages/acs-bootstrap-installer/installer/www/blank-master.tcl->template::get_footer_html

No testcase defined.
Source code:
    # Generate the body footers
    variable ::template::footers
    set footer ""

    if {[info exists footers]} {
        foreach footer_list $footers {
            lassign $footer_list type src params
            if {$type eq "literal"} {
                append footer $src
            } else {
                set themed_template [template::themed_template $src]
                append footer [template::adp_include $themed_template $params]
        unset footers
    return $footer
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