template::set_file (public)

 template::set_file path

Defined in packages/acs-templating/tcl/parse-procs.tcl

Set the path of the template to render. This is typically used to implement multiple "skins" on a common set of data sources. The initial code (which may be in a .tcl file not associated with a .adp file) sets up any number of data sources, and then calls set_file to specify the template to actually render. Any code associated with the specified template is executed in the same stack frame as the initial code, so that each "skin" may reference additional specific data or logic as necessary.

path - The root (sans file extension) of the absolute path to the next template to parse.

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 ad_return_template ad_return_template (public) template::set_file template::set_file ad_return_template->template::set_file packages/xolirc/www/portlets/include.tcl packages/xolirc/ www/portlets/include.tcl packages/xolirc/www/portlets/include.tcl->template::set_file packages/xowiki/lib/portlets/include.tcl packages/xowiki/ lib/portlets/include.tcl packages/xowiki/lib/portlets/include.tcl->template::set_file packages/xowiki/www/admin/samples/ajax-chat.tcl packages/xowiki/ www/admin/samples/ajax-chat.tcl packages/xowiki/www/admin/samples/ajax-chat.tcl->template::set_file template::request::is_valid template::request::is_valid (public) template::request::is_valid->template::set_file template::adp_level template::adp_level (public) template::set_file->template::adp_level

No testcase defined.
Source code:
    set level [adp_level]

    upvar #$level __adp_stub file_stub
    set file_stub $path
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Generic, PostgreSQL, Oracle
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