auth::password::get_forgotten_url (public)

 auth::password::get_forgotten_url [ -authority_id authority_id ] \
    [ -username username ] [ -email email ] [ -remote_only ]

Defined in packages/acs-authentication/tcl/password-procs.tcl

Returns the URL to redirect to for forgotten passwords.

-authority_id (optional)
The ID of the authority that the user is trying to log into.
-username (optional)
The username that the user's trying to log in with.
-email (optional)
-remote_only (boolean) (optional)
If provided, only return any remote URL (not on this server).
A URL that can be linked to when the user has forgotten his/her password, or the empty string if none can be found.

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_auth_password_get_forgotten_url auth_password_get_forgotten_url (test acs-authentication) auth::password::get_forgotten_url auth::password::get_forgotten_url test_auth_password_get_forgotten_url->auth::password::get_forgotten_url auth::password::email_password auth::password::email_password (private) auth::password::email_password->auth::password::get_forgotten_url auth::password::recover_password auth::password::recover_password (public) auth::password::recover_password->auth::password::get_forgotten_url packages/acs-subsite/lib/login.tcl packages/acs-subsite/ lib/login.tcl packages/acs-subsite/lib/login.tcl->auth::password::get_forgotten_url

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