package_instantiate_object (public)

 package_instantiate_object [ -creation_user creation_user ] \
    [ -creation_ip creation_ip ] [ -package_name package_name ] \
    [ -var_list var_list ] [ -extra_vars extra_vars ] \
    [ -start_with start_with ] [ -form_id form_id ] \
    [ -variable_prefix variable_prefix ] object_type

Defined in packages/acs-subsite/tcl/package-procs.tcl

Creates a new object of the specified type by calling the associated PL/SQL package new function.

The current user. Defaults to [ad_conn user_id] if not specified and there is a connection
The current user's IP address. Defaults to [ad_conn peeraddr] if not specified and there is a connection
The PL/SQL package associated with this object type. Defaults to acs_object_types.package_name
A list of pairs of additional attributes and their values to pass to the constructor. Each pair is a list of two elements: key => value
an ns_set of extra vars
The object type to start with when gathering attributes for this object type. Defaults to the object type.
The form id from templating form system if we're using the forms API to specify attributes
object_type - The object type of the object we are instantiating
The object id of the newly created object


    template::form create add_group
    template::element create add_group group_name -value "Publisher"

    set var_list [list  [list context_id $context_id]   [list group_id $group_id]]

    return [package_instantiate_object  -start_with "group"  -var_list $var_list  -form_id "add_group"  "group"]

Michael Bryzek <>
Ben Adida <>

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_auth_authenticate auth_authenticate (test acs-authentication) package_instantiate_object package_instantiate_object test_auth_authenticate->package_instantiate_object test_auth_create_user auth_create_user (test acs-authentication) test_auth_create_user->package_instantiate_object test_category_tree_procs category_tree_procs (test categories) test_category_tree_procs->package_instantiate_object test_object_p object_p (test acs-tcl) test_object_p->package_instantiate_object _ _ (public) package_instantiate_object->_ acs_object_type::get acs_object_type::get (public) package_instantiate_object->acs_object_type::get ad_conn ad_conn (public) package_instantiate_object->ad_conn db_exec_plsql db_exec_plsql (public) package_instantiate_object->db_exec_plsql package_object_attribute_list package_object_attribute_list (public) package_instantiate_object->package_object_attribute_list bug_tracker::bug::insert bug_tracker::bug::insert (public) bug_tracker::bug::insert->package_instantiate_object calendar::new calendar::new (public) calendar::new->package_instantiate_object content::folder::new content::folder::new (public) content::folder::new->package_instantiate_object forum::message::new forum::message::new (public) forum::message::new->package_instantiate_object forum::new forum::new (public) forum::new->package_instantiate_object

auth_authenticate, auth_create_user, object_p, category_tree_procs
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