_mr (private, deprecated)

 _mr locale key message

Defined in packages/acs-lang/tcl/lang-message-procs.tcl

Deprecated. Invoking this procedure generates a warning.

Registers a message in a given locale or language. Inserts the message into the table lang_messages if it does not exist and updates if it does. It assumes that the key is the concatenation of message and package key like this: package_key.message_key Actually, there is very little need for this proc (which is not used in the 300+ packages in the repository), therefore, it is marked as deprecated. Use lang::message::register instead.

locale - Abbreviation for language of the message or the locale.
key - Unique identifier for this message. Will be the same identifier for each language
message - Text of the message

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Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 ad_get_tcl_call_stack ad_get_tcl_call_stack (public) lang::message::register lang::message::register (public) _mr _mr _mr->ad_get_tcl_call_stack _mr->lang::message::register

No testcase defined.
Source code:
ns_log Notice "Deprecated proc _mr used:\n[ad_get_tcl_call_stack]"

    regexp {^([^\.]+)\.([^\.]+)$} $key match package_key message_key
    return [lang::message::register $locale $package_key $message_key $message]
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