api_type_documentation (public, deprecated)

 api_type_documentation type

Defined in packages/acs-api-browser/tcl/acs-api-documentation-procs.tcl

Deprecated. Invoking this procedure generates a warning.

Deprecated: this was part of a feature which used to react to the 'type' property set in ad_page_contract's documentation and generate an extra link in /api-doc/package-view, but currently no upstream script seems to specify this value and no code seems to create necessary 'doc_type_doc' nsv

HTML fragment of the API docs.

See Also:
  • /packages/acs-api-browser/www/type-view.tcl

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 ad_get_tcl_call_stack ad_get_tcl_call_stack (public) apidoc::format_common_elements apidoc::format_common_elements (private) api_type_documentation api_type_documentation api_type_documentation->ad_get_tcl_call_stack api_type_documentation->apidoc::format_common_elements

No testcase defined.
Source code:
ns_log Notice "Deprecated proc api_type_documentation used:\n[ad_get_tcl_call_stack]"

    array set doc_elements [nsv_get doc_type_doc $type]
    append out "<h3>$type</h3>\n"

    array set properties [nsv_get doc_type_properties $type]

    append out "<blockquote>[lindex $doc_elements(main) 0]


    array set property_doc [list]
    if { [info exists doc_elements(property)] } {
        foreach property $doc_elements(property) {
            if { [regexp {^([^ \t]+)[ \t](.+)$} $property "" name value] } {
                set property_doc($name$value

    foreach property [lsort [array names properties]] {
        set info $properties($property)
        set type [lindex $info 0]
        append out "<b>$property</b>"
        if { $type ne "onevalue" } {
            append out " ($type)"
        if { [info exists property_doc($property)] } {
            append out " - $property_doc($property)"
        if {$type eq "onerow"} {
            append out "<br>\n"
        } else {
            set columns [lindex $info 1]
            append out "<ul type=disc>\n"
            foreach column $columns {
                append out "<li><b>$column</b>"
                if { [info exists property_doc($property.$column)] } {
                    append out " - $property_doc($property.$column)"
            append out "</ul>\n"

    append out  [::apidoc::format_common_elements doc_elements]  "<dt><b>Location:</b><dd>$doc_elements(script)\n"  "</dl></blockquote>\n"

    return $out
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