acs_sc::invoke (public)

 acs_sc::invoke [ -contract contract ] -operation operation \
    [ -impl impl ] [ -impl_id impl_id ] [ -call_args call_args ] \
    [ -error ]

Defined in packages/acs-service-contract/tcl/acs-service-contract-procs.tcl

A replacement of the former acs_sc_call procedure. One must supply either contract and impl, or just impl_id. If you supply impl_id and contract, we throw an error if the impl_id's contract doesn't match the contract you passed in. If you supply both impl_id and impl, we throw an error. Additional documentation and commentary at

The name of the contract you wish to use.
The name of the operation in the contract you wish to call.
The name of the implementation you wish to use.
The ID of the implementation you wish to use.
The arguments you want to pass to the proc.
(boolean) (optional)
If specified, will throw an error if the operation isn't implemented.
Lars Pind <>
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Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_sync_file_get_document sync_file_get_document (test acs-authentication) acs_sc::invoke acs_sc::invoke test_sync_file_get_document->acs_sc::invoke test_sync_http_get_document sync_http_get_document (test acs-authentication) test_sync_http_get_document->acs_sc::invoke acs_sc::impl::get acs_sc::impl::get (public) acs_sc::invoke->acs_sc::impl::get acs_sc_generate_name acs_sc_generate_name (private) acs_sc::invoke->acs_sc_generate_name acs_sc_call acs_sc_call (private, deprecated) acs_sc_call->acs_sc::invoke acs_user_extension::dispatch acs_user_extension::dispatch (private) acs_user_extension::dispatch->acs_sc::invoke auth::authentication::authenticate auth::authentication::authenticate (public) auth::authentication::authenticate->acs_sc::invoke auth::driver::GetParameters auth::driver::GetParameters (public, deprecated) auth::driver::GetParameters->acs_sc::invoke auth::driver::get_parameters auth::driver::get_parameters (public) auth::driver::get_parameters->acs_sc::invoke

sync_http_get_document, sync_file_get_document
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