acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters (public)

 acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters [ -sredpcs_override sredpcs_override ] \
    [ -reprocess_old_p reprocess_old_p ] \
    [ -max_concurrent max_concurrent ] \
    [ -max_blob_chars max_blob_chars ] [ -mpri_min mpri_min ] \
    [ -mpri_max mpri_max ] [ -hpri_package_ids hpri_package_ids ] \
    [ -lpri_package_ids lpri_package_ids ] \
    [ -hpri_party_ids hpri_party_ids ] \
    [ -lpri_party_ids lpri_party_ids ] \
    [ -hpri_subject_glob hpri_subject_glob ] \
    [ -lpri_subject_glob lpri_subject_glob ] \
    [ -hpri_object_ids hpri_object_ids ] \
    [ -lpri_object_ids lpri_object_ids ] \
    [ -reject_on_hit reject_on_hit ] \
    [ -reject_on_miss reject_on_miss ]

Defined in packages/acs-mail-lite/tcl/email-inbound-procs.tcl

Returns a name value list of parameters used by ACS Mail Lite scheduled procs. If a parameter is passed with value, the value is assigned to parameter.

If set, use this instead of si_dur_per_cycle_s. See www/doc/analysis-notes
If set, does not ignore prior unread email
Max concurrent processes to import (fast priority)
Email body parts larger are stored in a file.
Minimum threshold integer for medium priority. Smaller is fast High priority.
Maximum integer for medium priority. Larger is Low priority.
List of package_ids to process at fast priority.
List of package_ids to process at low priority.
List of party_ids to process at fast/high priority.
List of party_ids to process at low priority.
When email subject matches, flag as fast priority.
When email subject matches, flag as low priority.
List of object_ids to process at fast/high priority.
List of object_ids to process at low priority.
Name/Value list. See acs_mail_lite::inbound_filters
Name/Value list. See acs_mail_lite::inbound_filters

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):
%3 test_acs_mail_lite_inbound_procs_check acs_mail_lite_inbound_procs_check (test acs-mail-lite) acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters test_acs_mail_lite_inbound_procs_check->acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters db_0or1row db_0or1row (public) acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters->db_0or1row db_dml db_dml (public) acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters->db_dml db_transaction db_transaction (public) acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters->db_transaction f::even_p f::even_p (public) acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters->f::even_p acs_mail_lite::email_type acs_mail_lite::email_type (public) acs_mail_lite::email_type->acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters acs_mail_lite::imap_email_parse acs_mail_lite::imap_email_parse (private) acs_mail_lite::imap_email_parse->acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters acs_mail_lite::inbound_filters acs_mail_lite::inbound_filters (private) acs_mail_lite::inbound_filters->acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters acs_mail_lite::inbound_prioritize acs_mail_lite::inbound_prioritize (public) acs_mail_lite::inbound_prioritize->acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters acs_mail_lite::inbound_queue_insert acs_mail_lite::inbound_queue_insert (private) acs_mail_lite::inbound_queue_insert->acs_mail_lite::sched_parameters

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