ms::Graph method team archive (public)

 <instance of ms::Graph[i]> team archive \
    [ -shouldSetSpoSiteReadOnlyForMembers shouldSetSpoSiteReadOnlyForMembers ] \
    [ -donecallback donecallback ] [ -wait ] team_id

Defined in packages/xooauth/tcl/ms-procs.tcl

Archive the specified team. When a team is archived, users can no longer send or like messages on any channel in the team, edit the team's name, description, or other settings, or in general make most changes to the team. Membership changes to the team continue to be allowed. Details:

This optional parameter defines whether to set permissions for team members to read-only on the SharePoint Online site associated with the team. Setting it to false or omitting the body altogether will result in this step being skipped.
cmd to be executed when the async command succeeded or failed. One additional argument is passed to the callback indicating the result status.
(defaults to "false") (optional)
when specified, perform up to 10 requests checking the status of the async command

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