ms::Graph method user list (public)

 <instance of ms::Graph[i]> user list [ -select select ] \
    [ -filter filter ] [ -max_entries max_entries ] [ -top top ]

Defined in packages/xooauth/tcl/ms-procs.tcl

Retrieve the properties and relationships of user object. For the users collection the default page size is 100, the max page size is 999, if you try $top=1000 you'll get an error for invalid page size. Details:

(defaults to "displayName,userPrincipalName,id") (optional)
return selected attributes, e.g. displayName,givenName,postalCode
restrict answers to a subset, e.g. "startsWith(displayName,'Neumann')"
retrieve this desired number of tuples (potentially multiple API calls)
return up this number of tuples per request (page size)

Partial Call Graph (max 5 caller/called nodes):

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