ms::Graph method token (public)

 <instance of ms::Graph[i]> token [ -grant_type grant_type ] \
    [ -scope scope ] [ -assertion assertion ] \
    [ -requested_token_use requested_token_use ]

Defined in packages/xooauth/tcl/ms-procs.tcl

Get bearer token (access token) from the /oauth2/v2.0/token endpoint, with timestamp validation (based on "expires_in") result. Obtaining the access token is MsGraph dependent. Probably, some of this can be factored out later to one of the super classes.

(defaults to "client_credentials") (optional)
(defaults to "") (optional)
with prefconfigured permissions: use "" Comment: This method performs its own caching via nsvs. It would be better to use the ns_cache framework with it's built-in expiration methods via ns_cache_eval, but we get the expiration time provided from the non-cached call and not upfront, before this call. We do not want to use a hack with double ns_cache calls, so we leave this for the time being.

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