Compiled Template fibo-start.adp

set __adp_output {}; set __ad_conn_locale [ad_conn locale]
append __adp_output "<html>
<title>Demo: Fibo</title>
<title>Demo: Fibo</title>
if { [info exists ::ds_show_p] } {
    set __apidoc_path [string range [template::util::url_to_file "fibo" "$__adp_stub"] [string length $::acs::rootdir] end].adp
    set __stub_path [join [split [template::util::url_to_file "fibo" "$__adp_stub"] /] " / "]
    append __adp_output "<div class=\"[::ds_adp_box_class]\"><span class=\"[::ds_adp_file_class]\"><a href=\"/api-doc/content-page-view?source_p=1&amp;path=$__apidoc_path\" style=\"text-decoration: None;\">$__stub_path</a></span><div class=\"[::ds_adp_output_class]\">"

        ad_try {
            append __adp_output [template::adp_parse [template::util::url_to_file "fibo" "$__adp_stub"] [list n "${m}"]]

        } on error {errorMsg} {
            set templateFile [template::util::url_to_file fibo $__adp_stub]
            append __adp_output "Error in include template \"$templateFile\": [ns_quotehtml $errorMsg]"
            # JCD: If we have the ds_page_bits cache maybe save the error for later
            if {[info exists ::ds_enabled_p] && [info exists ::ds_collection_enabled_p] } {
                set __include_errors {}
                ns_cache get ds_page_bits [ad_conn request]:error __include_errors
                ns_cache set ds_page_bits [ad_conn request]:error [lappend __include_errors [list "fibo" $::errorInfo]]
            ad_log Error "Error in include template \"$templateFile\": $errorMsg"
if { [info exists ::ds_show_p] } {
    append __adp_output "</div></div><!-- END
[template::util::url_to_file "fibo" "$__adp_stub"] (lvl [info level])-->"
append __adp_output "
set __adp_output