Source of list9/add-edit.tcl

# packages/acs-templating/www/doc/demo/list8/add-edit.tcl
ad_page_contract {

  @author Don Baccus (
  @creation-date 2000-10-23
  @cvs-id $Id: add-edit.tcl,v 1.4 2017/08/07 23:48:03 gustafn Exp $

  Example script that allows for the creation or editing of a simple note
  object type, using ad_form and package Tcl API tools.

} -query {
} -properties {

# When using ad_form to generate or edit acs_objects, the object type's
# key column must be specified in ad_page_contract as is done above,
# and defined with the type "key" in ad_form.  This enables the use of
# the various request and submission code blocks.

set package_id [ad_conn package_id]

ad_form -form {

    # The "note" object type's key


    # "title" is of type text and will use a "text" widget.

    {title:text \
        {label Title}
        {html {size 20}}

    # "body" is of type text and will use a "textarea" widget.

    {body:text(textarea) \
        {label Body}
        {html {rows 10 cols 40}}

    # 'color' is a text using a text widget

    {color:text \
	{label "Color"}
	{htmo {size 20}}

} -new_request {

    # By convention packages only allow a user to create new objects if the user has
    # the "create" privilege on the package instance itself.

    permission::require_permission -object_id $package_id -privilege create

    # Customize the page title to reflect the fact that this form is used to
    # create a new note.

    set page_title "New Note"

} -edit_request {

    permission::require_permission -object_id $note_id -privilege write

    # Customize the page title to reflect the fact that this form is used to
    # edit an existing note.

    set page_title "Edit Note"

    # Fill the form with the values from the note we're editing.

    db_1row note_select {}

} -on_validation_error {

    # There was an error in the form, let the page title reflect this.

    set page_title "Error in submission"

} -new_data {

    # Create a new note.

    # Generate the new object automatically from the data set in the form.  Standard
    # acs_object attributes like creation_user are set automatically.

    package_instantiate_object \
        -var_list [list [list context_id $package_id]] \
        -form_id add-edit \

} -edit_data {

    # Currently we need to update our object manually ...

    set modifying_user [ad_conn user_id]
    set modifying_ip [ad_conn peeraddr]

    db_transaction {
        db_dml object_update {}
        db_dml template_demo_note_update {}

} -after_submit {

    # We've successfully processed the submission.
    # Clear the pagination cache.

    cache flush notes*

    # send the user back to the index page

    ad_returnredirect "./"

    # NOTE! guess what, we wouldn't be done here; there is a problem:
    # notice that when you add a note when you have filters active,
    # it doesn't remember your filters when you come back from editing.
    # we've decided this is beyond the scope of this tutorial and you
    # can learn more by studying the function export_vars (which would
    # be applied to the filter variables)

    # ad_returnredirect returns after redirecting the user, so abort the script rather
    # than fall through to the display code.  Failure to abort the script will burden
    # your server with needless template processing, though the user won't notice due to
    # having been redirected.



# The following is only executed if we did not process a valid submission, in other
# words on the initial "new" or "edit" form request or after a submission which
# contained errors.  Add the page title to the breadcrumb context bar.

set context [list $page_title]

# Display the form, blank if we're processing a "new" request, filled with data if we're
# processing an "edit" request or a submitted form that contains errors.


# Local variables:
#    mode: tcl
#    tcl-indent-level: 4
#    indent-tabs-mode: nil
# End: