OpenACS 5.0.1 released

OpenACS version 5.0.1 is now available for download. Changes from OpenACS 5.0.0 include:
  • All work on the translation server from 7 Nov 2003 to 7 Feb 2004 is now included in catalogs.
  • One new function in acs-tcl, util::age_pretty
  • Complete Change list for core
  • Many documentation updates and doc bug fixes
  • To upgrade an existing OpenACS 5.0.0 site:
    • Go to /acs-admin/install/ and click "Upgrade Your System" from Repository
    • Select all of the core packages for upgrade (they're the ones with version 5.0.1). Due to bug 1494, ACS Core Documentation 5.0.1 is not currently available for upgrade.
    • After upgrade is complete, restart the server as indicated.
    • Go to acs-lang/admin and "Import all Messages" to replace your current locale data with the new files. Any conflicts with locally changed messages are flagged for resolution, so your local work is not overwritten.
    • I have not updated the version numbers of any packages (include .LRN) other than acs-core, so automatic update will not get any of those packages until their maintainers release new versions.

      The key milestone criterion for releasing 5.0.1 was that it include work from the translation server.

      The driving criterion for 5.0.2 will be that the core translations for OpenACS are updated as much as possible. I have chosen an arbitrary target of complete current translations for the languages that were complete on the translation server (and are not complete in 5.0.1 because there are new messages in 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 that were not available on the translation server). These languages are: Chinese (ZH), Danish, Dutch, German, Portugese (BR), Romanian. Your feedback on this criterion is welcome.

      Complete milestone criteria and schedule.

Contributed by Joel Aufrecht