Development sessions at Guatemala

We're going to have development sessions from 16-19 Feb. at Galileo University, our objectives are:
1. Get some new hackers up to speed for openacs / .LRN
2. Part of the session will be filmed, so the content that could be helpful for new developers will be available (mainly some explanations that DonB will do about serveral openacs topics)
3. Go ahead and eat several bugs that might be around.
4. The Galileo dev team will put great effort on:
4.1 IMS Enterprise Integration Spec for .LRN
4.2 Grading / Evaluation system (.LRN)
4.3 And probably go more deeply into the IMS QTI assessment package definition (.LRN)

We'll have the participation of 3 external developers from e-lane, one from Reading University, UK, and other two from UC3M at Spain.

And finally I'll migrate wimpy-point from old oacs 3.x site to our actual openacs site.

Contributed by Caroline Meeks