OCT election results, Spring 2004

Joel Aufrect, Rocael Hernandez, and Malte Sussdorf have been elected for one year terms. There was a tie for the fourth spot between Andrew Grumet and Caroline Meeks; They will each serve a six month term (starting with Andrew) with the other serving as an alternate.

The OCT team is now:

  • Joel Aufrecht
  • Rocael Hernandez
  • Malte Sussdorf
  • Andrew Grumet
  • Dave Bauer
  • Don Baccus
  • Jeff Davis
  • Lars Pind
  • Roberto Mello
  • As always the team can be emailed at oct@openacs.org although in general the forums are a better venue for discussion.

    Speaking for the community I would like to welcome the new members and and thank them for their willingness to shoulder this awesome responisibility

Contributed by Jeff Davis