.LRN wins Concord Consortium Bid for Open Source eLearning Platform

The contract has been awarded to an international team consisting of OCT members: Dave Bauer, Rocael Hernandez, Malte Sussdorf as well as LORS creator Ernie Ghiglione, Deidre Kane of the UAB and Aristoi staff Caroline Meeks and Deds (Dennis Dexter A. Castillo). The team was brought together by Aristoi and will be hosted by Zill.

Phase I selects 4 techonologies to create demo's using one of thier existing courses.  One technology will be selected to go on to Phase II.

More info on the RFP here: http://fc.concord.org/rfp/rtt-platform/

Our proposal is available in the .LRN marketing area.

Our team is focused on winning Phase II which will give .LRN significant additional investment and exposure.

Contributed by Caroline Meeks