OpenACS 5.1.1 Released

From the release notes:
  • This is the first release using the newest adjustment to the versioning convention. The OpenACS 5.1.1 tag will apply to OpenACS core as well as to the most recent released version of every package, including .LRN.

  • Translations syncronized with the translation server.

  • Bug 1519 fixed. This involved renaming all catalog files for ch_ZH, TH_TH, AR_EG, AR_LB, ms_my, RO_RO, FA_IR, and HR_HR. If you work with any of those locales, you should do a full catalog export and then import (via /acs-lang/admin) after upgrading acs-lang. (And, of course, make a backup of both the files and database before upgrading.)

  • Other bug fixes since 5.1.0: 1785, 1793, and over a dozen additional bug fixes.

  • For a complete change list, see the Change list since 5.0.0 in Changelog.

Contributed by Joel Aufrecht