Project manager 2.1 released

Project manager 2.1 has been released.

These are the changes made since the last release:

2004-07-09 13:07  

        * Releasing project-manager 2.1

2004-07-09 10:36  

        * www/tasks.tcl: Right align hour estimates

2004-07-09 10:26 

        * tcl/project-manager-procs.tcl, tcl/task-procs.tcl,
        www/task-add-edit.adp, www/task-one.adp, www/task-one.tcl,
        www/tasks.tcl: UI improvement: changed display of hours to reflect
        what people actually want to see, instead of just reflecting the
        state of the system. Now shows estimated amount of work remaining,
        rather than work done and total work required.

2004-07-08 16:57  

        * www/index.tcl: Removed categories column from view, which fixes a
        display bug when many people are assigned to a project.

2004-07-08 14:19  

        * tcl/: project-procs-postgresql.xql, project-procs.tcl: Improves
        the way deadlines are computed. Now based on percentage complete,
        instead of the number of hours worked.

2004-07-07 16:30  

        * tcl/project-procs.tcl: You are automatically added to projects
        you create

2004-07-07 16:16  

        * www/task-one.adp: Latest finish date was mistakenly displayed as
        latest start date

2004-07-02 15:07  

        * tcl/project-procs.tcl, tcl/status-procs.tcl, www/bulk-close.tcl,
        www/index.tcl: Added in ability to close several projects at once.

2004-07-02 14:05  

        * tcl/project-manager-procs-postgresql.xql,
        tcl/project-manager-procs.tcl, www/index.tcl: Improvement to the
        way categories are dealt with. Handles multiple trees (or no trees)

Contributed by Jade Rubick