New XML-RPC client for OpenACS

The Code Mill releases version 1.0 of a new XML-RPC client for OpenACS. This XML-RPC Client was created for Praesagus, Inc as a light weight method to make remote procedure calls.

This package is an XML-RPC Client only! The XML-RPC server half is available from the Code Mill.

Even though two(!) previous XML-RPC clients existed for OpenACS at the time, both [1], [2] are derived from ns_xml. Standardizing on tDOM Praesagus wanted to capitalize on tDOM's advanced features such as validating XML streams against the document DTD while parsing.

In addition both predecessors contained various bugs, lacked documentation and mixed XML-RPC server code with client code. This package hopes to have addressed these concerns adequately.

Contributed by Bart Teeuwisse