Project Manager 2.14 released

I've release project-manager version 2.14.

Here are the changes since the last stable version, in reverse order:

2004-08-06 11:28  jader

        *, tcl/calendar-procs-postgresql.xql,
        tcl/calendar-procs.tcl: Improved calendar (still not visible in UI,
        however). Bumped version number to 2.14

2004-08-04 17:03  jader

        * tcl/calendar-procs-postgresql.xql, tcl/calendar-procs.tcl,
        www/task-calendar.adp, www/task-calendar.tcl: Adds in a primitive
        calendar to view tasks. Not linked in in any way, however.

2004-08-02 16:23  jader

        * www/index.tcl: Fix for bug 1789: CSV export produces HTML file.

2004-07-22 16:23  jader

        * www/index.tcl: Fixed link to customer, moved project name to left
        of customer name.

2004-07-21 12:00  jader

        * www/task-add-edit.tcl: Better fix for checking percentage range.

2004-07-21 11:51  jader

        * www/task-add-edit.tcl: Check to make sure percentage entered is
        between 0 and 100, inclusive.

2004-07-19 14:19  jader

        * Bump to version 2.13b3. No other changes.

2004-07-19 13:44  jader

        * www/one.tcl: Sorts view of tasks by their status first (closed
        tasks at the end)

2004-07-16 13:59  jader

        tcl/project-procs-postgresql.xql, tcl/task-procs.tcl,
        www/one-postgresql.xql, www/task-delete-postgresql.xql,
        www/task-delete.adp, www/task-delete.tcl, www/tasks-postgresql.xql:
        Added in task 'delete', with significant code from Chris Davies.
        Adds in a new view for active tasks, a new column for pm_tasks that
        keeps track of whether a task is deleted or not, and adds in new
        delete pages. Includes upgrade scripts. There may be code that
        still needs to switch to using the pm_tasks_active view, but I
        caught all the obvious ones. Bump to version 2.13b2.

2004-07-15 15:13  jader

        * www/: one-postgresql.xql, one.adp, one.tcl, style.css: Show all
        tasks, open and closed. Highlight open tasks. I'd prefer to shade
        the background, but for now, this is the next best thing.

Contributed by Jade Rubick