OpenACS & dotLRN Demo running from a Knopix CD

You can now have a demonstration of the dotLRN system running on your computer in 10 min. No hardwork installation required.

A knoppix customized distribution that automatically installs and runs a dotLRN openACS portal. It has been developed at the Carlos III University (Madrid, Spain), as part of the project E-LANE.

This cd is mainly intended to be a demo platform for OpenACS and dotLRN, although it deploys a fully functional server and might be used for a first quick-and-easy installation. However, it does not substitute a complete OpenACS installation in a dedicated server.

This cd is based in a similar one created by Bjoern Kiesbye. The improvements added (besides adding dotLRN, more packages and contents, etc.), is to reduce the necessary RAM and to use hard drive to store data.

Contributed by Rafael Calvo