IMS CP Manager - Editor (lors-central)

The lors-central package has been commited, is a IMS CP Manager - Editor with a lot of new functionalities like:

- Upload a course

- Upload a new version of a course

- Add resources (LO) and files to clipboard

- Add LO to a course from clipboard

- Add LO to a course uploading a file or zip file

- Add files to a resource

- Associate one course to dotrlrn-classes

- Tell which class sees which version of the course

- Hide LO from classes

- Choose version to show for LO

- Tracking of LO

- Edit files using WYSIWYG

- Export the content of the course

- Add metadata to L0 and Courses

- Drop associations of one course to a dotlrn-class

This is the next version of LORS* packages, it uses the CR directly, right now is on HEAD the beta version, and the stable version will come in the next days.

Many people contributed on the design, led by Ernie.
The development was done mainly by Miguel Marin (Viaro Networks), and Dave Bauer (Solution Grove) did the clipboard among other things.
Project of Solution Grove.

More info here:

Contributed by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini