CD Knoppix E-LANE (Spanish version) is available

It launches a dotLRN portal (latests .LRN code + extra packages), with the administrator account: Login: e-lane and Password: e-lane, that contains two communities with the following courses and documents:

1. Methodology for courses on-line
* Course of "Tutorial of edition of contents" (in Spanish)"
* Documents
o E-LANE Course Design: A Practical Guide
o Creativity Based Learning
o Conversational Model
o Collaborative Activity Models
o Guía rápida de creación de cursos
o Metodología curso de Java
2. Courses of ICDL (in Spanish)
* Module 1. Concepts of Information Technology (IT)
* Module 2. Using the Computer and Managing Files
* Module 3. Word Processing (MS Word and OpenOffice)
* Module 7. Information and Communication

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Contributed by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini