Release Manager for dotLRN

The dotLRN consortium is very happy to announce that Joel Aufrecht has been hired to manage the releases process of the dotLRN system.

Joel has done a great job in OpenACS and is well respected by all in the community.

We are working in a number of Package Maturity Standards that will satisfy the needs of current and future users, that are realistic in the short term but have a long term impact in the quality of the framework. Joel will be posting these standards for comments in the next day or so.

A timetable for the next release will be announced in the following days.

Institutions and consutants that benefit from a better software are asked to become members of the consortium.

The financial contributions of members are paying for Joel's work.

There is a huge momentum in the community, with a large number of new projects comming up and I am sure that this is a big step forward for improving the overall quality of the system.


Contributed by Rafael Calvo