Treffpunkt Project Management Service Site for Open Source projects goes beta

Treffpunkt today is releasing its project management service as public beta at The website provides services for project management, time tracking, ticket tracking and other services that geographically spread teams need to successfully and professionally manage projects for their clients. As a service only for Open Source projects it can be used by teams of developers anywhere in the world to present a unified and professional tool-set to their clients.

As the amount of Open Source work increases there will be an ever increasing need for qualified developers and with the Internet's ubiquity there is no longer a need for these developers to be available to meet in a single room. However, that increases the need for a single point of contact for all team members. Treffpunkt aims to be that point for all Open Source based projects. As all developers will see the status of all the projects they are working on in a single location it will also make their work efforts more productive.

Treffpunkt members can easily manage all their projects, regardless of role, in a single location with a unified interface. This eases the management workload of all involved and allows team members to focus on productive work to move the project forward.

Based on the OpenACS software running on AOLserver and Postgresql, Treffpunkt is an Open Source project itself. As such we understand the importance of structured project development for presenting a professional profile to the client and continual updating of the status of all portions of it. If it's something that we wouldn't want our clients to use, we wouldn't expect your clients to want it.

Contributed by martin hebrank