Project Manager 3.0 Beta Release 1

I have released the beta version of project manager 3.0 at Jade's suggestion.  The release includes a number of bug fixes made from the last release.  I have tested this fairly thoroughly but it has only been in a production environment for the past 24 hours.  There are database changes in this upgrade as I have added indices to a fair amount of fields to increase performance.


2005-07-01 15:09  alexk

        * update version number

2005-07-01 10:34  alexk

        * tcl/project-procs.tcl, tcl/task-procs.tcl, www/index.tcl,
        www/tasks.tcl: Fixed daily task reminders, set project status
        default to open on tasks and projects, increased pager size to 1000
        as a kludgey temporary fix for paging

2005-06-30 23:55  jader

        * tcl/project-procs.tcl: Add comment on possible but untested
        improvement to day of week proc.

2005-06-27 15:24  alexk

        * sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-2.80d2-3.0b1.sql: file
        upgrade-2.80d2-3.0b1.sql was initially added on branch oacs-5-1.

2005-06-27 15:24  alexk

        sql/postgresql/upgrade/upgrade-2.80d2-3.0b1.sql, www/log-bulk.tcl:
        bumped up version, added indexes, fixed bug in editing multiple

2005-06-21 10:09  alexk

        * www/task-add-edit.tcl: Reset number counter so adding a process
        doesn't error.

2005-06-21 09:19  alexk

        * www/task-add-edit-2.tcl: Having issues with this date validation
        code, reverting it for now.

2005-06-17 16:40  alexk

        * www/task-add-edit-2.tcl: Fixing an earlier validation patch I
        made that would not let you enter a "--" to get a task with no hard
        deadline.  My apologies to anyone who were running a cvs copy and
        got bit by this bug.

2005-06-15 12:03  alexk

        * tcl/project-manager-procs.tcl: In the word diff initialize res
        variable so projects that go from an empty description to a full
        description don't cause an error.

2005-06-15 11:42  alexk

        * www/task-add-edit.tcl: An embarassingly ugly hack to allow
        multiple tasks to be edited.  This was needed because task_item_id
        on tasks.tcl was changed to tasks_id.

2005-06-15 09:40  alexk

        * www/task-add-edit-2.tcl: Fixing a fatal error when you edit a
        task and given empty strings for work required.  In this event
        these values will be converted to 0 since that is probably what the
        user intended.

2005-06-14 23:06  maltes

        * www/task-delete.tcl: Fixed problem with I18n of actions

2005-06-14 14:17  alexk

        * www/task-one.tcl: Fixed typo that was causing a fatal error

2005-06-14 13:45  alexk

        * catalog/project-manager.en_US.ISO-8859-1.xml,
        www/task-delete.tcl: Fixed fatal error on task-delete

2005-06-14 10:52  alexk

        * www/task-print.tcl: Fix to keep task-print from failing

2005-06-14 10:17  alexk

        * catalog/project-manager.en_US.ISO-8859-1.xml: Fixing 'OK' typo in
        message keys

2005-06-14 09:49  alexk

        * catalog/project-manager.en_US.ISO-8859-1.xml, www/tasks.tcl: Get
        tasks page to display, add missing message keys

2005-06-14 08:33  alexk

        * Drop ACS Templating 5.1.6 dependency so
        this packages will be compatible with openACS 5.1.5

2005-06-14 08:27  alexk

        * www/task-revisions.tcl: Patch to allow the task-revisions page to
        show up

2005-06-13 16:49  alexk

        * www/comments/add.tcl: Correcting message key for "No"

2005-06-13 16:26  alexk

        * www/one.adp: Fixed problems calling libs/customizations-portlet

Contributed by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini