.LRN 2.1.3 beta 1 released

.LRN 2.1.3 beta 1 was just released.  This comprises OpenACS core, .LRN modules, and all prerequisites for .LRN, from the oacs-5-1 branch as of July 29th.  It does not contain fresh translations, though those should be present in the final release.  This release has been verified to install successfully, but upgrades have not been tested.  (.LRN 2.1.3 will be the successor to .LRN 2.1.1.  There will not be a 2.1.2 release.)

This package is available as a tarball here:


If you are using cvs, you can update your cvs checkout using the tag dotlrn-2-1-3b1 and these instructions:


Please report bugs here:


Contributed by Joel Aufrecht