OpenACS 5.6.0 final

Download it from our repository.

New features include:

1. Global package parameters.

2. "Embedded Packages" - a new form of package based on the previous "Extended Package" implementation of weak package inheritance.

3. Fixes for ns_proxy handling

4. Significant speedup for large sites

- site-node refresh (franz penz, victorg)

-faster cache flushing: new api call: util_memoize_flush_pattern

5. Optional support for selenium remote control (acs-automated-tests)

6. New administration UI to manage mime types and extension map

7. Added acs-mail-lite package params for rollout support

8. Support for 3-chars language codes in acs-lang

9. Added OOXML mime types in acs-content-repository

In addition there have been a couple of security fixes that I won't mention in detail in this note ...

Contributed by Dave Bauer