Announcement - University of Mannheim Grants 2005 approved

Announcement - University of Mannheim Grants 2005

I am happy to announce the approval of 4 proposals as part of the Mannheim Grants 2005. I would like to thank all those who sent in their proposals. What

The projects that will be funded are as follows:

  • Oleg Bartunov/Teodor Sigaev: Extension of the tsearch2 module for PostgreSQL
  • varioNetWorks: Improvement of the user interaction design of .LRN
  • KnowledgeMarkets Consulting: Provision of three i18nized, productively used packages: Homework assignemts, Problem-based-Learning and Gradebook
  • Nicholas Carrol: Development of Curriculum Central
  • All projects are expected to be finished until end of March. We hope that the resulting work will improve the user experience and quality of OpenACS and .LRN

    I wish all members of this community Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year -- Nima Mazloumi

Contributed by Dave Bauer