Beehive: Synchronous collaboration for dotLRN released

What is Beehive?

WEG's Beehive is an application that supports teachers and instructional designers create multimedia collaborative learning activities using best educational practices. It uses a the concept of educational design patterns. It integrates synchronous collabroation tools such as video conferencing, chat, whiteboard, voting tools, etc into educational / collaborative activities.

Beehive's framework enables teachers to develop effective, flexible, customizable and reusable pedagogical tools in .LRN. It also enables teachers to define the collaboration script, which describes how members would collaborate within each activity session.

Beehive aims to be standards compliant. It uses the IMS Learner Design specification along with its own extensions. Beehive is developed by integrating .LRN learning management system and Macromedia’s Flash Communication Server.

Since 2006 the projecct is being funded by the Australian Research Council and the New South Wales Institute of Sport. We will be developing the collaboration functionality in the context of athlete and coach training.

Beehives are the structures where bees live, and thrive in collaboration. Beehives have recognizable patterns, that bees have developed over generations of 'good practice'. The educational research literature now shows the value of collaborative learning. Something bees have known for centuries!

More about Beehive:
To Learn about Flash Comm Server (now Media server) and download the free developer copy:


Contributed by Rafael Calvo