New webmail package added to CVS

Features so far:

- attachment and limits
- Mime-Version 1.0
- Complete UI-rewrite to support list and form builder
- full i18n
- HTMLArea Support (optional)
- Standard API for Email-Sending using acs mail lite
- Port to Oracle (almost finished)
- Updated Documentation for Administrators (installation)
- Support for multiple IMAP accounts per user (optional)
- Signature
- Display Options (Full HTML, JavaScript, CSS Filter, Plain or enhanced text filter)
- vCard import
- Print version
- Contacts
- System reset
- Servers/Users list for admin
- Auto login to Default account
- Default IMAP server
- Integrated with OACS users
- Extensive Message bar usage for better usability
- Inbox pagination

Thanks to Nima for the contribution, more info:

Contributed by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini