IMS-LD v.0.1d tagged and released

Posted by Jose Pablo Escobedo Del Cid

The E-LANE project is glad to announce the first stable release of the IMS-LD package.

The package has been developed on CVS HEAD (requires at least oacs-5-2). We will focus our efforts now on fixing bugs reports and improving the package.

The IMS-LD package has been designed for .LRN and consists of three packages: imsld, imsld-portlet and dotlrn-imsld. The first version of the packages have been tagged as imsld-1-0-1-final, imsld-portlet-1-0-0-final, dotlrn-imsld-1-0-0-final respectively, and as openacs-5-2-compat the three of them.

You are welcome to download and install the package, or try it at (the user and password are set automatically).

Any suggestions, comments or bug reports will be greatly appreciated.

Finally, we have done a user's guide where we explain how to correctly install the package and how to use it. Besides, there you can find more information about the IMS LD standard.

More info here:

Contributed by Rocael Hernández Rizzardini